The Eve of Destruction

The 45th president of the United States is set to be sworn in tomorrow. The feeling of doom and despair is palpable. I was watching/listening to the resistance movement event on CNN and the comments really crystallize the tone of the nation and of the election cycle we have just been through. Those who support the president-elect say things like “Shut up you snowflake libtards. We lived thru 8 years of Obummer you can survive 4 years of Trump.” The resistance says, “You prospered under president Obama. What do you mean ‘survived’ it? The new president is promising the take away our rights? That’s what we’re fighting for!”

See, you can’t reason with willful ignorance. You want this change even if it makes no sense on any level, so you can’t make a rational argument for why anyone should agree with you. And therefore all you can do is call your opponents names. Snowflakes they are calling us now. Snowflakes? Is that supposed to be offensive? They also say these Hollywood elites don’t know anything about real life…. really? Most all of them weren’t hatched as famous celebs in Beverly Hills. They are people from anonymous towns all over the country and the world, from every demographic. So because they have a public voice today, their life experiences are invalid? No, don’t even make that argument. It’s not meant to be debated, like every flip statement designed to wear away at the validity of the resistance’s positions. It’s just meant to be said over and over and eventually swallowed.

You know who has no idea what real people deal with every day? DONALD TRUMP. And most of his potential appointees to the cabinet – billionaires with no experience in the areas they are being appointed to. Including the idiot who isn’t sure kids with disabilities belong in classrooms, but is sure we need to get rid of gun-free zones around schools because of grizzly bears. GRIZZLY BEARS??!!!

What the incoming president did was tap into the ignorance, dissatisfaction and bigotry/misogyny of the blue collar, white, straight, male community. How he ever got support from white women or any church I cannot understand. He’s brash, bold-faced and not even subtle about his many sins. Over and over we’ve heard that the Democratic party failed. I think they failed in trying to tow the line down middle of the road. We DID appeal to sanity, we did use logic, we did have every issue on our side. We did not throw enough sequins and fire and glitter on it for the current electorate. We did not sprinkle our messages with enough mid-Western appeal. We thought the message was too good to need gimmicks and THAT is where the party went wrong. We put forth the most qualified, polished candidate, who had worked the center aisle for decades.

The party did not read the wind correctly. And really the wind shifted years ago. That is how Al Gore lost. The stupid, folksy, know-nothing, richy-rich won despite the fact he was an imbecile who failed at literally everything else he had ever done. And he surrounded himself by members of the sith… but middle-America just liked his folksy ways and mis-speech. He was just so dang relatable! For 8 years we were so blessed to have a classy, sensible president with no drama, who got important things done despite fierce opposition from the right. No recession, job and financial growth across the board! Somehow, the white folks in middle-America felt left out. And apparently they will believe anything. There are things I wish Obama had taken a hard stance on, that he did not. But overall, he performed well. And he was not my choice during the primaries 8 years ago!

How did the right find enough little things to pry away at to make all of these people believe the left was about to bring about the anti-Christ? It’s true, this is not the America if the 1960s. You can’t just graduate from high school, get a beater car and a job at the local factory and expect to own a home, go on summer vacations and have back-yard BBQs and brewskies every weekend. The de-regulation of corporations of the Regan-era resulted in companies outsourcing, hiring temps without benefits, moving operations overseas, busting the unions that fought for worker wages and protections. That’s the same de-regulation the Bushes endorsed which led to the banking and international financial collapse, and the same ones Trump can’t wait to enact during his administration. De-regulation has never brought jobs to the USA, it allows American CEOs to move to foreign lands where wages are not regulated, where workers are exploited, all for the benefit of the investor, not American consumers.

And deregulation allows for environmental degradation as well. No surprise then, that DT denies climate change. And instead of saying what logical people know, which is that coal and other dirty industries are a thing of the past, and must be eliminated, he says to families in coal country, “Nobody listens to you. I’ll get your jobs back.” No, he will not. They aren’t coming back. And why do you want them back? Does death from Black Lung Disease sound good? Why do you want that for your sons and daughters? Instead, why can’t we find good work for you in a new field, an industry of the future? In general, we can not rely on factory assembly work and labor. Any job of that kind can be automated. That is where the bulk of our jobs have gone. Automation. You can’t expect a company to keep paying for wages and benefits for a person to put tube A into line B when, for an up-front investment, they can get a machine to do it 20x faster for almost no maintenance.

So if assembly and mining are out, what does that leave for blue-collar workers? Service industry jobs are #1. You can’t outsource your plumber, electrician, hairdresser, short-order cook, nurse, mechanic, repairman, grocer, cable man, solar installer, computer repairman, housekeeper, babysitter… and all of the municipal employees who maintain roads, haul trash, maintain water lines and sewer systems, highway depts and Departments of Public Works. Also, we need local white collar positions in every community – doctors, dentists, social workers, counselors, teachers, administrators, lawyers, police. We have to think in terms of our community needs – what do all communities need and do we have them already? If not, that’s where training is needed. If so, one might have to relocate to a community whose needs match the abilities of the individual.

So anyway, I just felt compelled to stick my flag in the sand, on this eve of change, and make it clear what side I was on before the crap hits the fan. I have been protesting Trump since the early 90s. The arrogance, decadence, ignorance and self-righteousness turn my stomach. And his top priorities for his administration are all anti- something. Against universal healthcare, reproductive rights, LGBQ rights, environmental protections, immigration, Muslim faith, against the arts, racial equality, and to boil down the rest – against sanity and reason. Every demographic is under fire except straight white men. I hope they realize what is at stake before they are being fired on and there’s nobody left to defend them.

Tomorrow I will be wearing black and boycotting the inauguration. And donating to the ACLU. I hope to be one of many voices of opposition all giving a small token to help the organization fight the good fight.


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