Dystopian Reality

In his first 10 days, this lunatic has signed 20 executive orders. They chipped away at the Affordable Care Act, softened environmental reviews of infrastructure projects, banned travel from 7 predominantly Muslim countries in the name of security (none of which have been responsible for previous attacks), reduced regulations on any number of things. People all over the country and around the world are marching in the streets. The Women’s March of January 21st was massive, hugely overshadowing the inauguration, which was poorly attended, despite what the administration chooses to say.

Every hour, it seems, some new bad news comes from the White House. 45 has put a white supremacist in charge of the national security council, even though he has no qualifications for that role. The attorney general was fired for refusing the defend the unconstitutional travel ban. His press secretary, Spicer, is a complete bumbling IDIOT. He tweeted his password twice, and then shared an Onion post saying he, himself, was responsible for spreading misinformation, affirming it was TRUE. Does the guy even read? That hag, Kellyann Conway, chooses to call lies and misinformation “alternative facts” – the term has since spread like wildfire.

The first military action taken by the administration was a colossal failure, resulting in one American death. Apparently, 45 didn’t even bother to go to the situation room. His nominees for cabinet members are ridiculous. Would you nominate someone who doesn’t believe in public education to be in charge of  public education? How about the guy who wanted to repeal the EPA in charge of the EPA? How about a literal brain surgeon in charge of housing? None of them make sense. Most of them are scary, dangerous choices. Yesterday Rex Tillerson of Exxon/Mobil, one of his choices, was approved for Secretary of State because some Republicans who committed to oppose the appointment changed their votes. And already we’re gearing up for war with Iran. Iran, Iran… what might Iran have that we want? Anything to do with Tillerson’s former employer, perhaps!?

Oh yes, Hilary would have been MUCH more likely to bring us to war, both right wing and extreme leftists said. Riiiiiiight!

Other actions already taken including Federal hiring and pay freezes, media blackout by agencies, authorization for the oil pipeline to continue through native American territory, despite about a million protestors, and native peoples coming from all over the country and other countries to support them. They faced freezing temperatures and police brutality to bring the project to a halt before the project was scrapped by Obama. Well forget all that, Trump said Go ahead with it!.

Manufacturing regulations were softened, a gag order was issued for all healthcare organizations funded by the govt, both inside the country and around the world, removing any mntion of abortion, launching a new Roe v. Wade fight. The last 3 memos signed have to do with the military and Isis, no idea what that is going to involve. One of the things I saw today made it legal to dump coal sludge in waterways.  It feels like the world is ending. As our climate is in crisis, this asshat is dumping coal sludge in rivers. Great plan, asshole! Maybe we should all start burning trash in our backyard too, why not? Auto manufacturers are having regulations loosened so they don’t have to run cleanly. I’m sorry but the market won’t support that. Everyone wants an efficient car now. Except Hummer drivers, and we already know they’re douche bags.

So women’s healthcare, especially Planned Parenthood, and specifically on the matter of abortion, is under attack. The environment is under attack. Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is under attack. Native Americans are literally being attacked. A new CIA report shows that white supremacists have infiltrated law enforcement (as if it weren’t evident), and as we see, blacks are under attack. Mexicans are under attack, as 45 promises a giant, impossible, impractical, ineffectual wall and a 20% tariff on Mexican goods to pay for it (in other words, Americans are paying for it AND paying more for Mexican stuff we already get, like 1/2 our produce!). Muslims are being attacked, literally. Trump supporters, naturally, have been responsible for thousands of hate crimes since the election, including the recent burning of a Mosque in Montreal, resulting in multiple deaths. Yep, white kid who supports Trump. The travel ban literally targets Muslims, including those who are residents, those who have been working with our intelligence and military agencies to translate, and refugees from Syria who have been being screened for upwards of 2 years who have valid visas and who were approved to fly here.

They were turned around and sent back in some cases before a lawsuit by the ACLU and several judgments placing stays on the orders. Some of these people will die if they go back. If they aren’t the truest, neediest people of asylum, who is? They are fleeing the same “bad guys” we are supposedly after but we’re putting them in the same group as Isis because of the religion of the majority of their countrymen? Maybe we need to take Trump to Ellis Island to read that placard. Or maybe he needs to have the Constitution read to him… you know, the first amendment?

So I won’t go into all the heart-rending videos and stories I’ve read, all the nights I’ve spent ugly-crying. My backdrop for all of this is that I had a radical hysterectomy 4 days before inauguration day. All of my anxieties about that day came to pass as I was recovering from having my insides pulled out. I couldn’t march. I couldn’t go to Washington DC, Albany or even Glens Falls to march with like-minded women in support of women’s reproductive rights and against the terrible things Trump promised to do (and has since done). I couldn’t drive to the airport to demonstrate against banning travelers from the 7 select nations.

I tried to talk to my father but was too upset, and he was too sure “some level-headed Republicans” would join Democrats to end this reign of terror. I am sure they won’t. This is exactly what they wanted – total power at all levels of government. I watch Robert Reich’s Resistance Report every day. “I am the resistance,” I say to myself from a recliner, inside my house. I photoshopped a Trump toddler meme. I made an illustration of Bannon and Pence having a puppet show, and Trump is the puppet, with Putin in the wings. I made a graphic to remind people about mid-term elections next year and what’s at stake. I shared pithy photos, articles, videos and comments on Facebook. On Inauguration Day I made donations to the ACLU on behalf of myself and my daughters. I found phone numbers and instructions for how to call different government offices to register opinions about the various matters I’ve mentioned. But I didn’t call them myself. I continue to have roles in my local NAACP, but I wonder what we, as an organization locally, are doing to make an impact. Certain members participated in the marches in Washington and Albany, but as an organization, what do we do?

There’s a tiny flicker of light… 45 is taking a vacation… after less than 2 weeks of fuckery. The same guy who criticized Obama for taking vacations is vacationing not even 30 days into the job. Oh, and did I mention the stock market is crashing, the dollar is down on the world market and his approval ratings are lower than any other president in history? Yeah, he’s doing a real bang-up job.

What’s really incredible to me is still how frothy-mouthed so many Trump supporters are. They all make circular arguments on any topic – defense, Isis, gun rights, not enough for us, we need more, keep them out. They are like zombies unable to process facts. Any information you give they call brainwashing (irony alert) or alternate facts. No, these are facts. Alternate facts are what you’re getting from Rush Limbaugh and Fox News. There’s no reasoning with them. Literally. I have tried. I blocked a bunch of people before the election for being belligerent and unable or unwilling to have an intelligent discussion. I am about to have another round. This is miserable enough without Trump’s trolls making ignorant remarks on everything I post.

Just when I thought I couldn’t make it another day…

I happened upon a Facebook post by Michael McDonald, who I revere and adore. He recently collaborated with Kenny Loggins and Thundercat on a single. One listen, and I was so in love with it! It caused me to explore Thundercat’s other music and collaborations, which has taken me down a musical rabbit hole I wasn’t expecting but desperately needed. I compiled a playlist on Spotify and when I play it, I simply feel joy. I get goosebumps. I want to dance and sing. It’s like someone flipped a switch. Whereas I was dangling on a thin filament before, I feel restored, rescued from falling into complete depression and despair. Michael McDonald saved me from Trump. I’m sure he’d be happy to know that. And tonight he was playing in Albany and I desperately wanted to be there, but I don’t have that kind of money now. So long live Michael McDonald so I can see him another day and sing and weep with joy.



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